Monterosso Law Firm

Founded in 1877

The firm

The Monterosso law firm was founded in 1877 by the lawyer Giuseppe Monterosso, who was appointed Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Corona d’Italia within his brothers Francesco e Armando Monterosso. The firm work focused mainly on civil and commercial law, banking and company aid, as well as on property law, contractual, work, inheritance and bankruptcy proceedings.

The lawyers Guido and Tito Monterosso Patti Senior, the further generation, kept working in the sector of civil and commercial aid for companies, firms and private citizens, focusing on banking assistance (for decades Guido Monterosso was the lawyer of the Cassa Centrale di Risparmio V. E. of the Sicilian Provinces, while Tito Monterosso Patti Senior was the lawyer of the Banco di Sicilia for thirty years). The lawyer Ugo Monterosso, a member of the register of the Lawyers of Catania since 1955, has kept alive family’s forensic tradition, which today is wholeheartedly continued by the lawyer Tito Monterosso.

Today the Monterosso law firm is proud of its valuable lawyers, qualified in many sectors of jurisdiction, and, despite its ancient tradition, it boasts also of an advanced management, equipped with the newest technical devices, with internet connections with the main national and international database, with all the Agenzie del Territorio della Repubblica and with all the Camere del Commercio d’Italia. The firm was one of the first legal firms to adoperate the telematic civil lawsuit. A team of skilled people works with executive procedute for real estate, repossessions and proceedings of goods. Besides, the Monterosso law firm works with the whole Territorio della Sicilia, with the main Sicilian cities and the most important Italian and foreign law firms.